RAVEN Interpretive Programs 2017 Puffin Program Previewed at Tin Mountain Conservation Center

Chris Lewey of RAVEN Interpretative Programs gave a preview presentation at Tin Mountain Conservation Center last year at their facility in Albany giving everyone an idea of what to expect on the Puffin Trip 2017.

Chris’ preview program outlined the 2017 Puffin Trip adventure and he took a look at the natural history of the Atlantic Puffin and included a preview of the species that the trip guests would expect to see on their cruise. Chris explained how all would investigate just why Eastern Egg Rock is so special for these nesting Puffins and seabirds there. Wrapping up the program, a discussion of how folks could prepare for the trip educationally and what they should bring with them.  

For people interested in taking part in the upcoming 2018 Puffin Trip, check out the News item titled Puffin Trip 2018 on this page.  Good Birding!